Sand and Feathers:
The Urban, the Edible, the Strange

Cities are living, evolving organisms with their own ecologies, histories, and
cultures. Dr. Lenore Newman is a writer and an urban geographer
specializing in urban food security, community environmental efforts, and
how urban form shapes our relation to nature and to each other.
Lenore currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and holds a
Canada Research Chair in Food Security and the Environment at the
University of the Fraser Valley, where she is an Associate Professor in the
Department of Geography and the Environment.
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Contact Lenore: Lenore.Newman [at]
She is currently working on a number of interesting projects: my work on
Canadian food is archived at the
The Sand and Feathers Blog and more
on the rural/urban fringe and farmland preservation can be found at
Agriburban Research Centre (ARC) . Some of her recent writing can be
accessed directly online.